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Hello everybody, this is Rick Thor Phoeung, Chairman and CEO of Ani-Me Con. I would like to take time out to give a big thank you to all the vendors/ artists, cosplayers, cosplay judges, coordinators, panels, attendees, performers, photographers, bands, djs, models, and countless others for doing such a wonderful job this past weekend. Without the support of the aforementioned,this event would not be possible and we really appreciate your support. A special thank you to the Ani-Me Team consisting of myself, Ichigogo Twins, Peppymiint Cosplay, Charlie Nitro, Patrick Munneke, Jamilynn Trumbo, Rith Shaddoe, Pete Salazar, Mark Guev, Jocelyne, Josh, and James Lee Munoz for their dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm in this event. More acknowledgement for the TVN Team consisting of Charlie, Patrick, Junior, Thea, Jose, and Kia.

This particular convention was extra exhausting and demanding due to unpredictable weather conditions. It was raining very hard on a Friday which is supposed to be our main day of setting up. The unforgiving rain can lead to unpredictability and unwanted stress. I actually got sick and lost my voice which is never fun. But like the saying goes, there is always a rainbow after every storm. Saturday was manageable, and Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day. The fan clubs was fantastic and the schools who came out this year was amazing for the community. I got home not too long ago and had to lie down. My body feels like it has been hit by a Mac Truck. Even tho it was an extra amount of work, commitment, preparation, this was indeed a labor of love. This convention is for our , family, friends, and the anime/gaming/sci-fi community. We enjoyed putting on this event for the Central Valley and beyond. We truly hope everyone involved had a memorable experience. We broke attendance records this year and we will continue to build and grow for the future. Until we meet again, have a wonderful day and may you have fond memories from Ani-Me Con 7.0. Much love, peace, and happiness.


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Live Entertainment

Idol Academy
Paprika Mari
J.E.T. Dance Crew
The Corps Dance Crew
Performance By Yoonah Cosplay

Music Entertainment

RaveNation ~ Cesar Munoz
Lovely Rushers
Dj Greenheart
Dj Jeanettey

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